The Asian American Legacy Stories Project is a manifestation of one of our mission goals.  To help preserve the rich cultural history of Asian Americans within New Mexico.  It is a sub-committee of the Asian American Association of New Mexico.  We can not let others hijack our own stories, and couch them in their own agendas. These are our stories, told our way.


Pictured above front row left to right: Esther Churchwell, Nikki Louis, Co-Chair Carolyn Chan. Second Row left to right: Nina Stephenson, Victor Yamada, Rusty Chan VP of AAANM. Third row left to right: Videographer Mike Swick, Eileen O’Connell.

Presentation at Botts Hall in the Special Collections Library of the Albuquerque Library

423 Central Ave NE (corner of Edith and Central)

February 14, 2015 10:30am to 12:00pm

The Asian American Legacy Stories Project

of The Asian American Association of New Mexico

presented a program for the Albuquerque Special Collections Library

showcasing excerpts from the earlier presentation held in November. (see below)

The event garnered much interest and was very well received.


November 22nd


The Asian American Legacy Stories Committee of the Asian American Association of New Mexico wishes to thank all who tirelessly worked to provide a wonderful afternoon.

On November 22nd, 2014 The Asian American Association of New Mexico presented the Asian American Legacy Stories: The New Mexico Experience at the Hibben Center at the University of New Mexico. This project is a community-based effort do self-document the stories of Asian Americans in New Mexico.  The project received a grant to interview the leadership of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance, the Japanese American Citizens League and the Filipino Historical Society of New Mexico.  To full fill this grant, a presentation was held for the community and it’s leaders to show excerpts from these interviews.  The full length interviews will be archived with the Special Collections of the Rio Grande Valley Library System, the Southwest Center for Research, and hopefully with the State itself.  This presentation was very successful.  An Encore Presentation is slated to occur in February of 2015.  More informational will be made available as the details are forth coming.